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Are we resilient? Are our children?

Shame, Guilt & Raising Resilient Children


Shame is like a voice inside our heads that is our inner critic, and makes us worry about what other people think of us. It can tell us we are not good enough parents, are inadequate in our behaviours and abilities, and this takes a toll on our self worth.  It can make us angry and lash out, people please, or shut down and hide. It is the voice behind “ I should have” or “I’m supposed to” thinking. Shame resilience is how we manage this voice and the associated feelings. This workshop looks at what shame is, how we can react to it, how it can affect parenting, and the impact that shaming behaviour can have on children. It explores how to achieve shame resilience for ourselves and nurture it in our children. It looks at how to be compassionate and have self compassion, and promote self worth as a parent and in children.

Date of next session: Postponed due to Covid 19. But I am offering one to one sessions online. Please get in touch.

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