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Your Childhood, Inner Child, and Effects on Your Parenting

Your Childhood, Inner Child, and Your Parenting

We all have different upbringings.  Our parents raised us in individual sets of circumstances and environments.  Often we weren’t raised by our parents, and others did this. Our childhoods and our experiences as children, and how well our needs were met, are the foundations and building blocks for the parenting we are able to offer to our own children.  Our goals and expectations (consciously and unconsciously) are based on these experiences.  This workshop looks at how some examples of childhood experiences can affect how we might go on to parent children. it explores what our ‘inner child’ is and how they can influence our parenting behaviour, values and beliefs about parenting. It also looks at the challenges parents can face in trying not to repeat their own childhoods with their own children.

Date of next session: Individual sessions  only at this time. A Summer workshop date coming soon.

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